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Please email us with questions or media and speaking engagement inquiries.
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Get Involved:

Currently, we have chapters in Charleston and Columbia . As we gain momentum and expand our reach statewide, we need more help. Let us know your background, what skills you can offer or what interests you, where you live, and we’ll connect you with someone on our leadership team. If you’re interested in starting a chapter in your area, have media request, or general questions, please email us .

Here’s what we’re currently up to:

EVENTS – Our statewide events are geared toward reaching thousands of South Carolinians – so they, in turn, can engage their networks and reach out to legislators.

OUTREACH – From rotary clubs and congregations to universities and PTAs, every day, we’re reaching out to new people and new groups to talk about gun violence.

AWARENESS – Safe gun storage, keeping guns away from children and suicide prevention are all issues we’ll be addressing with our safety awareness program.

LEGISLATIVE EFFORTS – We will work with both Democrats and Republicans to support the effort to pass background check legislation.

MEMBERSHIP COORDINATION – Our group meets periodically to review our progress, brainstorm new initiatives and to discuss developments in SC gun violence prevention efforts.