Pros and Cons of Having a Gun

Weapon ownership remains an intense and controversial issue in society. The United States has the largest number of firearms per person. More than a third of the country's residents have a gun.
Guns can protect you in a wide variety of circumstances, and their sales do not diminish in volume. Firearms provide a sense of confidence for ones. For others, it causes anxiety and fear. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of having a gun.

Pro: Guns Protect You

Guns can save you when other methods of self-defense are ineffective. If you are in good physical shape and practice martial arts, this will unlikely save you from an armed attack. However, an offender may back down even when he realizes that you have a gun.
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Con: Exceeding Protection Methods

Sometimes guns are used not for protection, but to help other people in conflicts. A weapon owner can intervene in a situation that is not critical and doesn't require to use a firearm. You need to understand that the use of a gun is an extreme way of protection.

Pro: You Feel Greater Security

Having a gun brings life the realization that you will be able to protect yourself when you or your loved ones are in danger and can't call the police. Guns provide confidence in the future and serve as a key tool in critical situations.

Con: Legality Of Gun Owners

A lot of people buy guns from dark web markets without having a license. In some states, obtaining a license is fairly straightforward, and this creates concern about social security.
Therefore, everyone should use firearms responsibly. If you're a student, feel free to get some help with assignments to free your time and learn the essentials of using a gun.

Pro: Increased Social Security

Understanding the guns' legal ownership by citizens is already becoming a strong factor in reducing the desire to commit a crime. A large percentage of gun ownership also has a positive effect on preventing the authoritarian government. The government is more careful when it understands the strength and capabilities of its citizens.

Con: Guns Don't Ensure 100% Safety

Criminal activities are always stressful. Moreover, they happen unexpectedly. If a gangster notices that you're inexperienced, he can take away your gun and use it. In case you decide to become a handgun owner, you need to study the theory and practice your shooting skills.
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Final Words

Gun supporters and opponents have a lot of convincing arguments. Every person decides how much gun ownership is a justifiable measure for self-defense. However, everyone must understand and accept the personal responsibility that comes with firearms.