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Gun safety and our public health approach.


Gun violence is a serious and growing public health issue in the United States of America…

Gun violence — a public health issue

Robert Ball and Richard Hagerty,


In America, one out of three homes with children has a gun, many kept unlocked or loaded. Every year thousands of kids are killed and injured as a result.

Parents ask all sorts of questions before their children visit other homes. The Asking Saves Kids (ASK) Campaign encourages parents to add one more question to this conversation: “Is there an unlocked gun in your house?” It’s a simple question, but it has the power to save a child’s life.

The ASK Campaign was created in collaboration with the American Academy of Pediatrics. Across the country, it has successfully inspired an estimated 19 million households to ask if there are guns where their children play. Join these parents and pledge to ASK this life-saving question at . You can also learn about more ways to get involved in ASK, and how you can spread the ASK message in your community.